Bestofmedia Group, a global media company, is home to the most trusted tech publications in the digital world: Tom’s Hardware, Tom’s Guide and Tom’s IT Pro. The company’s flagship publications provide millions of readers with unbiased reviews, news and information on technology, consumer electronics, enterprise IT, and more, and helps simplify the purchasing process by providing high-quality content readers can trust.


Key Company Facts


40 million average monthly unique visitors
2.8 million community members
Operations in 8 countries over 3 continents
  History and Background

Bestofmedia Group is one of the top three tech publishers in the digital world. The company is headquartered in France with five offices across the globe and media properties operating in eight different languages.


Alfred Véricel founded Bestofmedia Group in 2000 as a consortium of high-traffic websites for technology products. In 2007, Bestofmedia Group acquired TG Publishing, the force behind Tom's Hardware and other leading web publications. Since 1996, Tom's Hardware has been one of the most trusted computer technology publications. In 2008, Bestofmedia Group attracted $35 million (22.5 million euros) in growth funding from Index Ventures, a leading venture capital firm.


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